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Mobile Minting

Mint across chains and marketplaces using Apple Pay or Google Pay inside of the Floor app.

Mint cards available on Floor

Off-chain payments,
On-chain ownership.

Mint without bridging, gas, or signing a transaction. One in-app purchase across chains and platforms.

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    Shop across platforms and chains in one place

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    Use Apple Pay or Google Pay, just like your coffee purchase

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    Safe and secure, two-tap checkout

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Discover what’s next

Stop missing out on what’s happening in web3. Floor puts everything in one place so you’re always in the know.

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Web3 is much better with friends

Create your web3 identity and show off your favorite NFTs. Follow friends, project founders, and influencers to see what everybody’s doing.

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    Show off your favorite NFTs and represent your online communities

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    Follow friends and other collectors to discover new collections and more

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Know when to buy and sell

Floor makes it easier than ever to track your NFT portfolio and crypto with alerts, active bids, and real-time listings.

Floor price notifications

Measure portfolio value using...

  • collection floor

  • trait floor

  • active bids

  • estimated return

See all of your NFTs and track their performance in one place, Get the whole picture by viewing token balances and current prices.

Floor supports NFTs and tokens from the following chains

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