3Landers is a collectible NFT project centered around community, adventure, and collaboration. Each 3Lander resides on the Ethereum blockchain as a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) made up out of a unique combination of traits and underlying “DNAs”. Holding a 3Landers NFT makes you a 3Lander – a mem…

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3Landers Dubleh.3Lander.eth#0223


We would like to address some recent concerns and clear up any confusion within the community. We understand that there have been concerns regarding overall direction of the project and misconceptions regarding community treasury.

Firstly, we acknowledge that we must improve our communication, and we are taking steps to improve our transparency and clarity going forward. We are committed to keeping the community informed about our product vision and development progress, and we are working on initiatives to bring more tangible value to 3Landers.

We want to clarify the information regarding royalties set aside for the community treasury. From before launch, the project stated that it would be selling NFT’s, and that a set percentage of sales and secondary revenue would be reinvested into the community and brand building aspects of the project.

That percentage has been clearly and honestly maintained.

Treasury funds have been used as intended; As a Community, Marketing, and Operating Fund.

A large percentage of non-treasury royalties were allocated to outside vendors. Recently, contracts have expired allowing for us to direct additional royalties towards the community treasury.

Overall, we want to assure the community that we are taking steps to ensure the long-term sustainability of 3Landers and the treasury. We are actively working on several initiatives to bring revenue to the brand and its holders.

Lastly, we want to share updates on initiatives with the community. While our staking platform and Oasis program are important ways for us to demonstrate our appreciation and deliver value to our community, we want to make it clear that they are not the only initiatives we are focused on, nor do they fully define who we are as a company.

We have been working on two initiatives that we are very excited about: Minimon, a web 2.5 brand, and introducing the utility of Shards. These initiatives are not quite ready to be presented publicly but we are working hard towards releasing an announcement.

100% of revenue generated from the Minimon brand will flow to the 3Landers community treasury, directly benefiting our community members. We believe that this initiative will provide tangible value and revenue to 3Landers and its holders, and we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

In the coming weeks we will go into greater detail about the areas of opportunity we have identified from our past, actionables that we have for greater success in the present, and plans we have for the future of 3Landers.

We want to thank the community for their ongoing support and encourage you to head over to the discussion thread here: https://discord.com/channels/921486169064218684/1090059852644102256 with any questions or feedback you may have.

We are committed to delivering meaningful value and revenue to our brand and its holders, and we look forward to sharing more updates with the community as we move forward

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3Landers Dubleh.3Lander.eth#0223

It's time to spend your 3L-Points in the 3L-Shop! ✨

Access the shop now: https://adventure.3landersnft.com

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3Landers Dubleh.3Lander.eth#0223

Season 2 starts now!
Welcome to TheOasis 🏝️

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3Landers Dubleh.3Lander.eth#0223


We're excited to announce that we gathered all information we needed from the RSVP-form. To join our night-event at 'Decommune' in Bangkok, Thailand, you will need to claim your ticket! 👀


  • Note that tickets are Free of Charge

New to this all? Here are some guides:

  1. How-to Tokenproof: https://tokenproof.notion.site/For-Users-tokenproof-Guides-0104ee0a112b42e3a6a70db13f02c130

  2. How-to claim your ticket: https://tokenproof.notion.site/Ticket-Claiming-Online-Authentication-9b09816ceedc4669b1806b76f1151d7b

Q: Are non-holders allowed to join?
A: YES! Non-holders can either come as a +1, or they can join from 8pm as we'll open up our doors for all web3 enthusiasts! Make sure they claim their non-holder ticket. Supply is limited 🎟️

Q: Any benefits of getting a holder-ticket?
A: Next to experiencing the Season 2 launch prior to the public and getting your hands on exclusive goodies, all 3Lander holders will have a chance to win prizes every hour until the event ends ✨

Q: What's the easiest way to get to Decommune?
A: If you go to the nearest MRT, we'll make sure to pick you up! More information on the exact pick-up location closer to the event 🛺

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3Landers Dubleh.3Lander.eth#0223

Let’s talk about 3L Points a bit more!
It’s time to put them to use!!

You’ve already met Bert at the 3LShop
He’s your go-to guy for the best of all things 3L, IRL merch, and web3 assets.

Don’t waste them all with Bert, regardless of how tempting.

deriiv will also be accepting 3L points in the 3LShop for derivative artwork of any NFT you own. Literally ANY!!

Essentially you can now stake 3Landers for personalized art for yourself or your company. The possibilities are fairly limitless.

This is only the tip of the iceberg (something we didn’t have to worry about zipping through the void). There is so much more to dive into for Season 2. The plot will thicken as get closer to the 22nd. Be ready!!

Until our next update!!

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3Landers Dubleh.3Lander.eth#0223


One of the most exciting parts of Season 2!

These pieces of The Oasis are said to hold enough power to ward off the great monsters… we’re excited to discover the magic they hold and the strength they can offer to 3Landers.

There are two easy ways to harvest Shards!

1) Your 3Landers will receive shards while being staked. That’s right, your 3Lander, not your account.
This means for having a 3Lander staked you will receive 3L points in your account and shards attached to your 3Lander.

2) If you’re adventurous and decided to participate in games and our journey through The Oasis, all of your 3Landers will earn additional shards.

This means whether you have 1 or hundreds of 3Landers, each one has the chance to receive additional shards when you join in.

I’m sure you’re asking, what can you use shards for?
They will be used for…
Didn’t think we would give away all the secrets yet, did you?

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3Landers Dubleh.3Lander.eth#0223


Something has been spotted in the near distance!

Captains are in agreeance; we will make landfall soon. It's also said that there are treasures ready to be discovered 💰
Here’s what to expect in Season 2 as we explore the beautiful paradise known as The Oasis!

While we prepare to dock, dreamers will receive access to the Adventure Map. Here you play a game of chance and earn rewards! 🧭

We’re all here for the loot, right!?
Some potential rewards:
• 3Lander Assets
• 1/1 NFTs
• Bonus 3L Points
• Merch
• Shards…

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3Landers Dubleh.3Lander.eth#0223

Our team is expanding

Please help us in welcoming @​Maaaaahhhaaaaa in his role as Marketing & Social Media Director!

@​Maaaaahhhaaaaa is bringing his marketing magic to 3Landers! 🪄

Over the years he has created logos, slogans, marketing campaigns, and high-level strategies for fashion brands and school programs.

He began working with retail brands in 2009. Starting his career in family-owned boutiques and skate shops, he has since worked for notable brands such as Giorgio Armani, Versace, Mulberry, and Gucci.

He fell into the crypto scene in 2017 and NFTs in 2021. Early in his trading career, he recognized a burning passion for working in the web3 industry. In addition to his work experience and love for all things blockchain, he comes equipped with a formal education from Pennsylvania State University.

He is ready to use his skills, knowledge, and charisma to bring even more love, light, and attention to 3Landers.

@​Maaaaahhhaaaaa is a tremendous addition to our team and we are looking forward to continuing the development and expansion of our marketing team alongside him.


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3Landers Dubleh.3Lander.eth#0223

Ship Reward Claims are NOW OPEN

Before we dock for Season 2, rewards need to be finalized.

You can now check if you have physical rewards to claim on your 3Landers profile.

Head on over to the adventure page (https://www.3landersnft.com/adventure) and check if you have rewards assigned to you! You will find a reward section right below your staking points dashboard

📅 Claims are open now and will close on February 21st
🚚 Fulfillment will begin in March.

Do you have rewards but think you might receive more in the future?
*Don’t sweat! You can always add to your haul. When the claim closes, we’ll tally it all up and ensure all of your hard-earned loot arrives safely. *

Guide: For a detailed guide on claiming, check out our recent twitter post here: https://twitter.com/3LandersNFT/status/1620124680719077377

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3Landers Dubleh.3Lander.eth#0223

New Holder Verification

  • All holders must reverify to gain access to holders-only channels

You may have noticed, we experienced an issue with CollabLand earlier today that stripped holder roles from users.

We decided to take this as an opportunity to upgrade our verification process to Vulcan Authentication

Introducing Vulcan Authentication
Vulcan allows you to verify holdings without connecting your wallet and is the safest method to verify holdings!

Starting now you can verify as a holder in the #┆holder-verification channel!

NEW: Along with the improved verification process, you now will receive DNA based roles based on the 3Landers you own! These new roles will come in to play during season 2!

VERIFY NOW: #┆holder-verification

We apologize for the slight inconvenience.

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3Landers NFT astro#5135

It all started with a Portal……


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3Landers Dubleh.3Lander.eth#0223

Introducing 3L-Shop

Curious how you will be able to spend your 3L-Points accrued from staking? The thread below outlines the type of items you can expect and how you can get notified of new items added to the store! @everyone

⬇️


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3Landers NFT astro#5135

Gm @everyone Leading up to season 2. there will be more and more info released each day the closer we get to the oasis to reveal, why we are going to the oasis, what we will be doing on the oasis and how we will protect 3LAND from THE GREAT MONSTERS. Keep an eye out on the main twitter 🏝

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3Landers NFT astro#5135

Who's ready for our Campfire event this . Grab a friend, gather around the campfire, and listen in as the team is excited to share its season 2 Roadmap! Make sure to click on the link, like + RT, and set a reminder! The oasis draws near! 🏝️ @everyone


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3Landers Dubleh.3Lander.eth#0223

🎉 3Landers in Thailand! 🎉

Are you ready to celebrate a year of 3Landers?!

We invite you to join Pom, Stubby & the core team as we celebrate 3Landers first anniversary.

Let's kick of Season 2 in Bangkok, Thailand together!

Here's what you need to plan for the event:

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Date: February 22nd, 2023
Time: 5PM - 11PM

More details and venue information will be announced soon!


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3Landers NFT astro#5135

A Message from Memo

We have heard word from Mēmo and he wants all available 3Landers to gather round the campfire as he brings us very exciting news about The Oasis! As we move forward onto the next phase of the adventure! 🏝️

Our team is excited to share what we’ve been working on, and the beginning of our plans for 2023!! From our new devs to the launch of season 2!

This years first campfire will be held . Invite your friends and get ready for the adventurous stories that will be told!

Date: January 16th @ 5PM PST
Venue: @3LandersNFT Twitter Spaces

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3Landers Dubleh.3Lander.eth#0223

A minor update has been published that resolves any issues you may have experienced adding crew.

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3Landers NFT astro#5135

Crew Building

Gather your Crew and get ready for Crew Building! Captains can now add Crew members to their ships & distribute physical rewards to their crew!

Captains, once you submit a Crew member, it is final and they cannot be removed . Click the link below and follow the instructions to start Crew building!

From the ship page you can: Name your ship, Add crew members, and assign physical rewards!

Visit the staking page: https://www.3landersnft.com/adventure - Your ship will be at the bottom of the page, click view ship

Adding Crew members is as simple as submitting a wallet address!
You can add as many crew members you like.

You are not required to allocate physical rewards to every crew member; you can choose who gets rewards and how many!

Keep in mind, assigning rewards is NONREVERSIBLE. Once you assign rewards to crew members, you cannot assign any more. Any unassigned rewards will be reserved for the captain.

Claiming physical rewards will open next week so get your crew added soon!

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3Landers announced a delay to its 3L Ships reveal, which was supposed to happen on Friday evening.

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3Landers announced its next line of merchandise is now available in limited quantities.

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