Flowers by RVig

Flowers by RVig

Art Blocks Collection: Presents

Heritage Art Blocks Collection: Factory

Project Description: Beautiful bouquets of generative flowers, with fascinating diversity in numbers, shapes and colour combinations. Each one has its own personality, its own character, and is always stunning and surprising, …

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Flowers by RVig
Flowers by RVig loganw#7068

GM to @everyone!

We have the dates for Tyler’s two solo exhibitions coming this spring!

You might remember that around the time of launching QQL, we announced the exhibition with Pace. And recently you saw the (1/3) video teasing the exhibition with Unit London.

Unit London, titled Mechanical Hand (March 7 to April 6).

Pace Gallery in New York, titled QQL: Analogs (March 30 to April 22).

It’s a very exciting coupling! For QQL: Analogs, Tyler is creating and minting 12 QQLs and will present them as large-scale paintings. As you know, QQL is colorful, vibrant, and exploratory. And off the heels of a project with so many moving parts, for Mechanical Hand the pendulum swings back to solitude, contemplation, and method with paintings on canvas and drawings on paper.

Excited to share the news and dates with y’all! Ah! Can't wait! 12 big ol' painted QQLs, the first-ever physicals 🫠 AND new hand-painted and plotter work 🤩. GOODNESS GRACIOUS 🥵

Also, we’ve just finished our (2/3) video with Unit London. Here’s Tyler to tell you more about his approach and process for Mechanical Hand.

2 months agoRead more

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