Voxies are cute, lovable and collectible 3d voxel buddies, that live and play on the Polygon blockchain. There are only 10,000 Voxies in existence and no two Voxies are identical. Lots of random properties and fun traits make each Voxie cute, unique and sometimes rare!

Voxies are not just a collect…

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Voxies WaveLength23#4584

Don't know what to do during the Scheduled Maintenance today??

Join us for: The Maintenance Games on the Voxies Twitch channel!

🏁 We’ll play a new nitro racing game 🏁 …& giveaway some prizes too!

📍- https://www.twitch.tv/voxiesnft?sr=a
🗓️ - - the time is automatically displayed for your location
🏆 - VOXEL to be won!

2 weeks agoRead more
Voxies Falcore#6301


Your wait is over, the age of the OP Timemage is soon coming to an end.

Tomorrow between and the Voxie Tactics servers will be offline as we get ready to release our newest patch.

Many balance changes, the removal of Beta Items plus so much more to be excited for.

Be on the look out for all the details in the release notes tomorrow once the new version is live

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Voxies Voxies#0001

The previous instability and back-end has been fixed now…. Enjoy the Voxie battlefields!

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Voxies Voxies#0001

Backend Services and Servers--------------------------------

Hey @everyone, we are investigating our back-end services and servers to fix the current instability and some problems that are being encountered. We will give an update on the status and inform when this has been resolved.
Thanks for your patience while we investigate and fix this!

2 weeks agoRead more
Voxies Voxies#0001

For transparency and information on the banking situation, AlwaysGeeky games is affected 0% by Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and/or Signature Bank.

Thank! @everyone


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Voxies Falcore#6301

Voxie Tactics Dev Diaries 10th of Feburary 2023

Your weekly developer diaries is here @everyone! So lets jump straight into it.

Game Development
■ Bugfixes for the balance patch coming before Dragonfest.
■ Item and armor improvements for the balance patch.
■ Adding in all remaining racial abilities.
■ Preparing work for removing Open Beta gear from extreme arena.
■ Work on Dragonfest rewards and more
■ Preparation and work for dropping elemental essences and infusion in the forge.
■ Updates to the item minting and improvements for the NFT promo rewards from the merch sales.
■ Bugfixes for consumables such as max HP and MP potions.
■ VOXEL token and game integration improvements and bugfixes for backend apis that use the VOXEL token.
■ Prep and operations for the VOXEL token listing on Coinbase.

Game Design
■ Mathematical Design of Staking and Questing
■ Elemental Effect Balance Adjustments
■ Future Mechanics Design Planning
■ Design of Dragonfest Weapons and Armor
■ Overview of Dragonfest Raid Mob
■ Review of Sandbox Design
■ Review of Class Balance Changes


What we’ve deployed?
■ Game Download Paid Media Campaign launch (YouTube, Facebook).
■ Game Download Landing Page update.
■ GameOnWithPolygon Partner campaign comms.
■ Merch Shop Social amplification (Twitter, Facebook).
■ Monthly Community Calendar.
■ We’ve collaborated with Discord mod team and developed a new monthly calendar containing all must see events. Have a look below!

What’s in development?
■ Sandbox Land Sale comms.
■ Valentines Day Card Social campaign and visuals.
■ February Newsletter release.
■ VOXEL ecosystem comms.
■ New Forge update comms.
■ New How-to page and content for main site.
■ New Weapon Spotlight visual.
■ New Twitch ad package.

January Press Coverage Spotlight:

Web Development

Marketplace v2
■ Continued API integrations
■ Continued hooking into contracts
■ Continued work on game api v2, complete the Voxies Endpoint

We hope you all had an awesome week, and have an amazing weekend!

2 months agoRead more
Voxies Voxies#0001

ELO and rankings update and Rules reminder------------

Hey @everyone just a small reminder that everyone needs to adhere to the rules listed and accepted in #📰rules-and-regulations .

Specifically regarding gaming the ELO system and trying to purposefully lose ELO ratings to go lower down in the rankings for 'easier' matches.

Please refer to this specific text:

AlwaysGeeky Games reserves the right to take action and impose penalties (listed above) for users that are gaming the rankings (ELO) system, or using methods to win/lose trade or taking any actions that result in unfair advantages or purposefully causing grief and/or resulting in a negative gaming experience for other players.
We reserve the right to take action and impose penalties if we see an increase in players purposefully trying to drop their rankings or similar behavior.

2 months agoRead more
Voxies nftgod.eth#8888

**Registration is Now Open

  • You can enter if you have a Voxie Tactics item in your wallet

All info is here (all links are safe to click) -> https://linktr.ee/icycollabs

2 months agoRead more
Voxies Voxies#0001

VOXEL Token listing on Coinbase!--------------------------------------

Just a quick announcement to share the resent news about the VOXEL token and official listing on Coinbase! 😁


Prepare yourselves for (or around) 9AM PT time and keep an eye on the official Coinbase socials

We will share more announcements and have more celebrations in time for the start of the listing, but its worth to share this announcement at this stage.

2 months agoRead more
Voxies WaveLength23#4584

Thank you to everyone who came to our Where’s Voxie Waldo? event yesterday in the#🧩activities channel.

HUGE GRATITUDE to the Voxies Team for providing 270 Voxel tokens for this event!

It was serious fun! …And congrats to all the winners!

Prizes have all been delivered to the following players:

90 Voxel - @​diamantal
30 Voxel - @​Nathan P.
30 Voxel - @​Coelho
15 Voxel - @​yuwan
15 Voxel - @​Wootah
15 Voxel - @​Gabriel538
15 Voxel - @​Heygan
15 Voxel - @​aTTi
15 Voxel - @​joanel
15 Voxel - @​FaNTa
15 Voxel - @​rumores

See you at our next event!

2 months agoRead more
Voxies NFTGOD#8888

Mark your calendars now for a chance to win a share of 1.4 eth.

Collab Poker Tournament with 7 participating communities.

I'm posting this now and will add the link to join soon in the event tab


2 months agoRead more
Voxies Falcore#6301

Voxie Tactics Dev Diaries 3rd of February 2023

Greetings @everyone! We hope you have had a great week, because we sure have!

So lets jump into what we’ve been working on!

Game Development

■Adding in the full racial abilities for all races - Blue Robot and Doge including
■Add Preparations for dragon fest event
■Improve UI bugs
■Update the leaderboard UI with better functionality and top spot highlighting.
■Updating the token transaction history UI functionality
■Switching over the Diamond Goat pet to be usable with the Goat NFT, instead of the extreme pass.
■Updating the MAX health potion and MAX magic potion.
■Bugfixes for Weapon procs.

Game Design

■Dragonfest Raid Mob work
■Dragonfest economy and reward work
■Questing game design
■Sandbox design update
■Asset updates
■Game testing


What we’ve deployed?
■ Meme it up V2
■ VOXEL Airdrop Comms
■ Merch Shop Socials
What’s in development?
■ Monthly Community Calendar
■ Partner Programs (Polygon, Binance and more)
■ VOXEL Ecosystem Comms
■ New Forge Update Comms
■ Merch Shop Social Amplification
■ New Twitch ad package
■ Clips of the Month
■ New Weapon Spotlight Visuals
■ Dragonfest

Web Development

Marketplace v2
■Continued work on integrating with contracts
■Created apis to get data for listings
■ Hooking in apis for data for listings
■ Form validation
■ Removed battle passes from website
■ Fixed loan metrics bug
■ Worked on some new pages for the main site
■ Wrote/ reviewed docs for new leaderboard service

We hope you all have an awesome weekend!

2 months agoRead more

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