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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

Weekly Update N# 004 : Mar 13 - Mar 19, 2023

gm @everyone

We are so happy for all the new content that members of the community have been creating, all these animations and illustrations give us a boost of energy to further improve the work that we are creating for you. It also helps us get a sense of the things that you value as a community.

Below is a summary of the progress so far in Yaypegs:

Progress / Magic Machine
⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ 35% - Stage 1
⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ 25% - Stage 2

What most improved our primary metric?

  • Automate two tasks that we have been doing manually 🤖.

Biggest obstacle?

  • 0% royalties. It is not possible to think in the long term if the "Meta in NFT" continues.

What are our top 1-3 goals for this week?

  • New server nodeJS with socket.io.

  • Last proof of concept in stage 1.

  • Stage 2, finish 3 sections.

  • Study the possibility of opening a Stage 3.

Primary Metric
Weekly Creator Royalties: 0.012 ETH (~ $21 USD)

Thank you all for your support 🏗️

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

Weekly Update N# 003 : Mar 5 - Mar 12, 2023

gm @everyone

Hoping everyone has a great week. Tomorrow we will have a new official twitter space, don't forget to set a reminder here
👉 https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1YqxoAmzrvkGv?s=20

Progress / Magic Machine
⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ 25% - Stage 1
⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ 20% - Stage 2

What most improved your primary metric?

  • Share cross references before starting the week.

Biggest obstacle?

  • Lack of compatibility between categories.

What are your top 1-3 goals for this week?

  • Ran a trial generation of the Stage 1 for the first time.

  • Make compatibility tests in Stage 2.

  • Fix website bugs v2.

Primary Metric
Weekly Creator Royalties: 0.052 ETH (Mar 5 - Mar 12, 2023).

Thank you all for your support 🏗️see you tomorrow on the twitter space 🎙️

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

Magic Machine will not have only one form.
Scenery inspired by @DeGods @y00ts teaser.


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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

Weekly Update N# 002 - Feb 27–Mar 5, 2023

gm @everyone

This is our second Weekly Updates, we are so happy that the test has been well received by the community … we will continue to share the overall progress on Yaypegs with this format.

Progress / Magic Machine
⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ 20% - Stage 1
⬛️⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ 10% - Stage 2

What most improved your primary metric?

  • Improve communication tools with the team and have daily meetings.
    Biggest obstacle?

  • Find a broader graphic style that allows us to expand the IP.
    What are your top 1-3 goals for this week?

  • Teaser.- Make pseudo code of the new script.- Make compatibility tests in stage 1.
    Primary Metric
    Weekly Creator Royalties: 0.043 ETH (Feb 27–Mar 5, 2023)
    It is important to note that the weekly update only exposes the most relevant tasks and is not intended to be a specific activity schedule.

Thank you all for your support and patience 🏗️

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

Weekly Update N# 001 - Feb 20–Feb 26, 2023

gm @everyone

Creator Royalties (Blur vs Opensea): We have a plan that we are going to fulfill regardless of not having more money from the royalties, but if the meta continues (0% Royalties), this will not be sustainable in the long term, so we will have to look for new ways to generate income to Yaypegs.

Even though we don't have a roadmap, we believe it's important to communicate the building process, that's why we'll start testing these weekly updates.

Progress / Magic Machine
⬛️⬛️⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ 15% - Stage 1
⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ 5% - Stage 2

What most improved your primary metric?

  • Onboarding first freelancer.
    Biggest obstacle?

  • Adjust the objectives to the current Meta and with the future threat of having 0% creator royalties.
    What are your top 1-3 goals for this week?

  • Create a new script.- Keep the same graphic style in the first tests.- Interview and onboarding a second freelancer.
    Primary Metric
    Weekly Creator Royalties: 0.101 ETH (Feb 20–Feb 26, 2023)

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

All yaypegs are unique, but there are some rarer than others.

Yaypegs is designed in such a way that it is impossible to have an official Ranking. There are hidden traits that are not reflected in the metadata. According to the metadata there are 347 traits, but in reality there are much more than that.

As part of the redesign of the website, we have include a general classification of how the Yaypegs are divided by groups that cannot be classified by marketplaces or rarity rankings, it is called yaypegs/explorer.


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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

We prepared a small rebranding inspired by the Twitch brand and Japanese video games from the 90s, we recreated each letter to redesign the name of Yaypegs, among other things.

This is part of the work we are doing to get the fundamentals right.

Build it anyway
Create it anyway

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

The voting is over, the results were:

1 - Founders in charge 3.2K (98.57%)2 - The community in charge 10 (0.31%)3 - Back to basic 36 (1.12%)
Quorum: 3.2K / 1K
Thank you for the trust that you have placed in the founders. We will continue working and building the vision we have for Yaypegs.

We have learned a lot in this short time that we have been in Yaypegs and we still have much more to learn. We are grateful for the volunteer work done by the members of the community, especially the moderators.

Volunteering at web3 has a very different nature and we have learned this along the way:

  • We cannot demand delivery times or work schedules.- Economic Incentive: Removing the direct economic incentive from the equation transforms the employment relationship into a collaborative relationship.- Conflict of interest: The person who is volunteering is in a sandwich between the founders and the community. In addition to being a volunteer, this person is a holder who has his own interests and opinions in conflict with the position.- Limits: The limits become diffuse and the responsibilities of the position can be misinterpreted.
    This is neither good nor bad, but we believe that we will move faster and have a greater impact by working more like a startup.

The people responsible for making bad decisions in Yaypegs will always be the founders, not the moderators, nor the people who participate in the community.

Thanks for all the good vibes and passion for Yaypegs, we hope to continue to have your support on this journey.

Be patient, enjoy the ride and trust the process.

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

Voting is live

There are 3 options:

1 - Founders in charge
2 - The community in charge
3 - Back to basic

Voting Period: 2 days
1 Yaypeg = 1 Vote
Quorum: 1,000 YAY

Vote here 👉 https://snapshot.org/#/yaypegs.eth/proposal/0xb426ba39b109e6755ce23b6973da35aa3699570fb70f9f6fb3d18eb8ed08a252

The details of each option are in the previous #📮|announcements and in the voting link in Snapshot.

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

Tomorrow (February 6th) the following 3 options will be voted on:

1 - Founders continue to be in charge of the project with major changes.

All the changes below are intended to make a lean approach and turn Yaypegs into a web3 Startup. The focus will be 100% aimed at building the future of the brand between the founders and the team. (Examples: BAYC, Azuki, Moonbirds/PROOF, DeGods/y00ts).People have complete freedom to innovate within their IP and to create in L2, but Yaypegs will be led by the founders.1.1 - Community-Driven: The term community-driven will be removed from the project to avoid future misunderstandings.1.2 - Discord:- Yaypegs becomes a Token-Gated Community.- The following channels will be removed: #|community-building #|suggestions #|analytics #|chet-ded. There will be no more preferential channels on the server.- There will be a restructuring in the reaction roles.- Announcements / twitter post will be made when there is something to announce.1.3 - IP Rights.- The rules have not changed since November 11, 2022.- Yaypegs is not a platform to launch IPs or personal projects. Holders can carry out the strategies that they consider necessary, we are in a decentralized environment. Your NFT, your IP.- Everyone is free to use their IP, make sure you comply with the Terms.-IP Rights example: BAYC. (DYOR).1.4 - Moderation:- We will have new moderators.- Simpler and more direct moderation rules will be implemented.- Disrespectful people with members of the community, moderators or founders, will be banned.- Scammer and FUD messages will be deleted.1.5 - Voting: Voting will be carried out when the founders consider it appropriate or relevant, as we have been doing so far.
2 - The community will be in charge of the project.

Royalties:4% Community Treasury (community wallet).1% Creator Fee (ccmoret wallet).The community will decide the future of Yaypegs.2.1 - We will hand:- Discord Administrator permissions for new community leaders.- Twitter account administration permissions (TBD).- Point the domain name yaypegs.com to a new server.- Website code (It is built in ReactJS).- Standard and Manuals.- Brand identity assets.- Collection traits layers.- Royalties: 4% of future royalties will be transferred automatically to a new wallet. (Starts once the community has a community wallet).2.2 - We will not hand:- Discord Ownership: For security reasons, the Ownership of the server will not be transferred. The administration permissions are wide enough to do anything on the server.- Wallet Ownership: The project wallet will not be transferred. To prevent one or several members of the community from changing the contract, altering the metadata, images and finally the provenance.- The current funds are owned by the founders.- The community will be able to decide for the future of the royalties without affecting the 1% of the artist's royalties.
3 - Back to Basic:

  • 0% Royalty.- Yaypegs becomes an art project.- For the culture.

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

Since day one, we've been transparent in the way we've run Wired Beast and Yaypegs.

Some members of the community are not satisfied with how the founders have carried out the project so far.

Since its inception we have been detached from the outcome of the project, not because we don't care, on the contrary, because that makes us stronger as creators. Those who are afraid of losing something will always make the worst decisions.

You have the power to decide the future of Yaypegs.

This Monday a vote will be held in which the community will decide if the founders should continue leading Yaypegs. It is our decision as founders of Yaypegs to take this to a vote.

On Monday February 2 the details of the vote will be delivered, but in summary there will be two options:

1 - Founders continue to be in charge of the project with major changes.2 - The community will be in charge of the project.
As this is an exclusive decision of Yaypegs holders, the server will be closed to the public from now on until we make a decision together for the future of Yaypegs.

1 yaypeg = 1 vote

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001


Do you want @​ccmoret out of Yaypegs? Live 🎙️

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

Alien Frens x Yaypegs
10 editions of each piece 👽🤝🍄 (20 editions)

Yaypegs community will have 5 Alien Frens and 5 Yaypegs.

The first raffle begins now through this tweet!
👉 https://twitter.com/yaypegs/status/1621267398933286914
RT, like and comment. 🙌

The winner will have two 1-1 editions, one from each collection.
gl everyone


The remaining 8 (4 Yaypegs and 4 Alien Frens) will be an exclusive raffle for holders on Discord (TBA)

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm gm @everyone

As everyone knows this project does not have a Roadmap, but I still think it is an opportune moment to share the current state of Yaypegs.

1 - Murasaki's surgery was a success, she is recovering faster than the doctors thought, but she doesn't feel ready to come back. Let's hope she can next week.2 - AlienFrens : The 2 1-1 Collaboration with AlienFrens is coming out soon. This will give Yaypegs a bit more visibility.3 - Small Releases: We are working on two surprises that will come out in a few days, less than 15 days, maybe even sooner. They are small launches that will help us create the foundations of the brand. Bigger things take longer.4 - Magic Machine. We start working on it next week. This will take time. As we work on the Magic Machine, we'll be doing little releases. Nothing too impressive, but necessary to build brand and community.
Work and Money:

The ETH available due to royalties is not enough for us to hire someone, that is why we have decided to work with freelancers and small companies that can help us build future products together.

This has some complications:

1 - Coordination: The work time between teams is longer, so my time will be affected in PM task.2 - Brand: It is more difficult to maintain the same graphic style in all products.3 - Launch: When working with external suppliers, delivery times can sometimes be affected.
I will take care of all these complications and I will be leading the creative process, but delivery times may be affected. All these things can be avoided by hiring someone, but right now, money is not enough.

We hope to have your support during the following weeks.
We are building.

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone We have been working on this draft so that we can discuss it together at#🏗|community-building We have yet to define the Application process in detail (C.- IP Advertising from Yaypegs*), but I think it's a good start.

IP Rights Policy
Last updated: January 24, 2023

Yaypegs is committed to providing tools to boost the use of IP Rights.

A.- Terms

What are the limits of the use of my IP Rights?

  • As long as you comply with the Terms.

  • As long as you are the owner of the NFT.

If you are interested in knowing more, please read the following sections in the terms:

  1. Brand License.7. Holder License.8. Derivatives License.
    Terms: https://yaypegs.com/terms

B.- IP Advertising

By owning the IP Rights of your Yaypeg, it gives you complete freedom to advertise your initiative. These are just a few examples among many:

1 - Create your social media channels to promote your IP.
2 - Create your own company based on your IP Rights.
3 - Create your personal brand based on your IP Rights.

C.- IP Advertising from Yaypegs

You can develop your initiatives without having the support of Yaypegs. You just have to comply with the terms. But if you want to have the support of Yaypegs, we are designing the following process:

Application process:
1 - Discourse thread for your idea. (Community Feedback and Pre Approval - https://discourse.org/).2 - Draft proposal. (Snapshot Vote - 5% quorum - https://snapshot.org/).3 - Final proposal (Founders Review).
1 - We promote ideas that are directly related to your IP Rights of your NFT.2 - We do not do allowlist/whitelist from other community holder projects.3 - We do not promote NFT collections.
1 - We want the promotion and support process to be transparent in all its stages of an initiative.2 - We want the community to be more involved in the selection processes.3 - We can't make sure that the collection will work or will be successful.4 - We cannot control or be responsible for a project outside Yaypegs.5 - We have to take care of the community from possible scams/rugs.6 - Avoid the dissolution of the brand..
Final thought

This is only a draft, which must be discussed before among all the members of the community in #🏗|community-building . This is a pilot test that will have modifications in the future.

We are in a decentralized environment + IP Rights. Any project that a Yaypegs Holders supports outside of the main project will be their responsibility but we want to give the community the tools to minimize the risks as much as possible and continue to support community initiatives.

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

For personal reasons @​NRv_ will temporarily leave the position of @🍄 PM Community . He will continue to be a moderator. We hope to have you back soon.

We are making some changes in the organization and in the way of communication:

1 - We created the @🍄 Moderator Standards Manual - 🗃 (Second Revision).
2 - We modified the Project Manager Community Role ( @🍄 PM Community ) and we create new guidelines.
3 - We will start Moderators Weekly Meetings (Starting next week).
4 - Official Yaypegs twitter space (TBA).

We are very happy to announce and welcome @​0xHooli0💀66 as the new @🍄 PM Community for Yaypegs 🍄

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

Partners / Collaboration

From day one we have been very strict with the promotion policies with external collections.

  • We do not allowlist with other collections.

  • We do not promote upcoming mints.

  • We don't have an ALPHA channel dedicated to other collections.

More info in #📥|tickets 👉 Partners / Collaboration Form 📫


  • We cannot verify that the information is true.

  • We cannot put holders at risk by pointing them to a new collection that ends up being a rug.

  • Risks of falling into links created by scammers.

The decisions you make outside of the Yaypegs project are your individual responsibility. DYOR.

IP Rights Promotion

The web3 environment is sometimes very difficult to navigate, many people trying to take advantage of other people and other projects, and it is difficult to differentiate between initiatives with good intentions and those that do not.

That's why we have decided to suspend the promotion of projects related to Yaypegs through IP rights until we find the safest way to do it.

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

We are very happy to finally deliver the yaypegs to the people who were affected by the attack we had a few days ago on the Discord server. After reviewing all the cases sent, it has been determined to make the transfers to the following people:

Discord: @​IsaacLouzeiro
wallet ID: 0x112a194da259399673b8d885f4ccdb0176a0b1b5
Donations: 2 Yaypegs
Yaypegs: #5375 & #9653

Discord: @​elpee
wallet ID: 0xc068100c14463d1cb992127481c4cae220d103ec
Donations: 2 Yaypegs
Yaypegs: #2229 & #4631

Discord: @​Lazy™
wallet: 0x31BE040C7c04Cd7F5b19BEe27362F4493a19DBfe
Donations: 3 Yaypegs
Yaypegs: #8659 #3363 & 3695

Thanks to the community members who donated Yaypegs:

Thanks @​Lynx. for taking charge of the process.

Please remember:

1- You should remember that at Yaypegs we will NEVER do surprise collaborations, giveaways, airdrops or mints. Everything we do will be known in advance, with enough time to know that it is not a scam. Official yaypegs accounts are always available at #📌|official-links

2- Being in a decentralized environment has many advantages, but it has the disadvantage that there is no central entity responsible for taking care of your digital assets. It is individual responsibility to take care of your wallet.

Have a great weekend everyone 🍄

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

On the 19th we will celebrate our first month since the reveal. It still amazes me how in such a short time the Yaypegs community has been built!

There is a concern in some members of the community regarding the Roadmap, answers that we have already given since the beginning of Yaypegs but I will answer this one last time.

Roadmap- We have no public roadmap.- We have made no promises.- We are working on things, and we will share them as they get done and not before.- Let the creators create.

Having a public roadmap and making promises does not guarantee success. If success were as easy as following a linear path, most projects would be successful.

One of our main objectives is to deliver value to all holders without expectations, with a lot of work and focus.
You can expect us to continue to work and create.
Yaypegs is our only focus.

We love this community and we’re here to build and support each other.

Thank you all for your support 🤍

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

Community Driven

What does it mean?

1 - The ideas and suggestions for the future of the project are listened to and taken into account for decision-making.
2 - Holders have the right to vote for future proposals.
3 - We encourage the use of the IP Rights of the holders as long as it complies with the Terms: https://yaypegs.com/terms and brand values.
4 - We empower the community, with its voice, ideas and tools. (Example: Yaypegs Groups, #🏗|community-building channel, among others).
5 - We will give priority to community members to be part of the main team. As long as they meet the requirements of the position.

Example of a community-driven project: Doodles.

This does not mean that the Yaypegs project is community led. It means that all holders have the power to lead their own initiatives through their IP and participation in the community.

Amazon's main focus is the relentless effort to satisfy its customers. “consumer obsession”, this does not mean that the customer knows Amazon's plans in detail (roadmap) or is the one who decides the future of Amazon. It means that Amazon listens to its customers and implements solutions to deliver more value to them.

I translate this approach into a community-driven web 3 project as a project that listens to its holders, makes them part of the decisions and empowers the community, to deliver more value to them in the future.

Otherwise, it would be handing over the absolute responsibility for the success of the project to the community. We all have ideas of where we can take Yaypegs, but not all of them may be aligned with Yaypegs' values, otherwise we will always end up in an opinion filed competition.

Yaypegs = Art + Community + Team

You have the power of your IP, you have the power of the community, you have the power to make a change.

The above is a definition of Yaypegs, other projects have other ideas, concepts that are also valid. Web 3 is very new, so there will be different conceptions.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed:

  • Being Moderators on the server.

  • Creating groups within the community.

  • Leading initiatives.

  • Developing your IP.

  • Hosting Twitter Spaces.

  • Participating and listening to the spaces.

  • Onboarding new holders.

  • Being welcoming on twitter and discord.

  • Donating Yaypegs to the community.

  • Doing raffles with their Yaypegs.

  • Giving a like and a retweet.

  • Saying gm/ym.

Every action counts in building community.

I am attaching a Venn diagram that I prepared as a summary.

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

Some people were affected by the attack we had a few days ago on the Discord server.

Members of the community have decided to support the people affected by the scam by making a donation. The donations will be made by: @​Lynx. @​Grunwalsky @​Slimey @​[email protected]​wisemetajay @​jpgkingpin @​ccmoret, who will donate 9 Yaypegs in total.

This will be a one time donation, which will not be repeated in the future and that arises from the initiative of members of the community to which I join individually.

You should remember that at Yaypegs we will NEVER do surprise collaborations, giveaways, airdrops or mints. Everything we do will know in advance enough to know that it is not a scam. Official yaypegs accounts are always available at #|official-links

Being in a decentralized environment has many advantages, but it has the disadvantage that there is no central entity responsible for taking care of your digital assets. It is individual responsibility to take care of your wallet.

People who have been affected please open a #📥|tickets , you must attach:

1 - Twitter / Discord account to contact them.2 - New Wallet and Affected Wallet.3 - Etherscan link with the transaction in which the scam occurred.

We will carefully review this information. You must send these requirements in the next 48 hours. If any of the 3 points are missing, unfortunately we will not be able to help you.

Thank you @​Lynx. @​Grunwalsky @​Slimey @​Brownie @​wisemetajay and @​jpgkingpin for such a nice gesture 🤍

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

@everyone Raid like never before 🍄

Yaypegs are what you've been waiting for…

Video by @YayzBrand using their IP rights ❤️‍🔥


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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

Build Community

But why?
Technology aside, communities are one of the key factors that differentiate us from web2.0 projects. Communities are one of the core values among web3.0 projects.

All communities and societies have rules, these rules are transversal and affect @everyone equally, there is no difference between the @Founder @🍄 Moderator @📦 Yaypeg holders or a person who enters the server just to say hi.

The #🚧|rules of behavior on the Yaypegs server are simple and I just want to highlight one:

  1. Be nice.

What does be nice mean?

  • Create an environment in which we all feel welcome and included.

  • We respect each other's opinions.

  • We do not use aggressive or offensive language with members of the community.

Being a Yaypeg holder gives you rights, but it doesn't give you rights over any other holder.

Yaypegs Art means nothing, without a united and inclusive community.

This is the line and the @🍄 Moderator team have my full support.

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

A few hours ago, the account of @hoOlio𓅓, Moderator and active member of the community, was hacked.

This compromised the security of the server for a few minutes.

Thanks to the great work of the @🍄 Moderator team, we were able to prevent the attack. Once the attack was contained, @🍄 Moderator spent hours coordinating successfully internally.

The security measures established a few days ago worked, the main channels#📮|announcements #🗞|news-stand were not compromised, scammers couldn't take control of the server or change permissions of any kind. The security leak was directly in the @hoOlio𓅓 account, which thanks to the restrictions we were able to fix it.

At Yaypegs we will NEVER do surprise collaborations, giveaways, airdrops or new mints. Official yaypegs accounts are always available at #📌|official-links

All our official accounts have 2FA authentication, with restricted access.

Always pay attention to the domain extension (.com) and the letters used to write yaypegs or @yaypegs.


1 - We will review the security measures of the Server.
2 - Enable 2FA Authentication on all @🍄 Moderator discord accounts.
3 - Permissions will be restricted for some roles (TBA).

Thanks again @🍄 Moderator team 💪

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Yaypegs ccmoret#0001

gm @everyone

We did it! YAY!

We are one step away from the badged collection, thank you all for the support.

Yaypegs is a community that wants to bring joy to the NFT world, that everyone feels welcome and part of the process, that includes Opensea.

We all make mistakes or have misunderstandings, but that is not a reason to deliver hatred or resentment, on the contrary, the important thing is to work together for a solution.

We are grateful that Opensea helped us through the process, we want everyone to come together and celebrate as one big community.

Special thanks to @​BR4DL3Y , for his incredible advice.

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