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Creating the future of web3, together.

Floor is a community of thoughtful, talented people with a shared passion for NFTs and the possibilities of web3.

Creating the future of web 3, together

More than Discord.

Weekly calls with the Floor team. They’re pretty fun.

Partner AMAs on Twitter Spaces. Ask away.

Earn rewards for sharing alpha.

Coming soon

Speaker series with your favorite web3 leaders.

Don't go in alone

Don’t go in alone. See how many members of Floor are in each collection and chat with them in collection specific Discord channels. You might even spot that project’s founder in the chat.

The Lift

Make your idea a reality with The Lift.

Funding and support for early crypto-native projects that grow directly within—and for the benefit of—our community. Part of our $1 million commitment toward activating and incentivizing our community.

What you Get

Advice & Expertise

Subject matter expertise and one-on-one time with members of the Floor team plus access to our network and our community.


Compensation & Support

Get paid for the time and effort you put into creating value for our community.

Plus be reimbursed for equipment, tools, or events you need to pay for to get your project off the ground.

Halo Branding

When you’re ready to launch, you’ll have a platform and be associated with one of the best communities in Web3.

To The Moon!

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