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Making Web3
more accessible.

Floor is making NFTs understandable and accessible to more people through thoughtful products and an empowered community. By doing this, we’ll create a more equitable future.

Come Join Us!

We’re designers, engineers, and operators. Problem solvers and storytellers. Individuals made better by the power of teamwork.

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    Our Values

    These are some of the values we live by as a company. We work by them too. We’re building a community and products we believe in, knowing that there is real value to make web3 more understandable and accessible to more people.

    • We respect our users, community, and each other.

    • Equality is all of our responsibility.

    • Default to transparency.

    • Be a teacher and a student.

    • Empower our community.

    • Plan, then do.

    • Make it great.

    • We're all going to make it.

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    Perks & Benefits

    • Comprehensive Health Plans

      We offer health, dental, and vision coverage for all US based teammates.

    • 401K Company Contribution

      Whether you choose to contribute or not, Floor will open a 401k for you and contribute 3% of your salary by default.

    • Stock Options

      Our team members are owners in the company. Receive stock options as part of your compensation package.

    • Free Covid Testing

      Every Floor teammate receives a Cue Health at-home PCR Covid test machine.

    • Family Leave

      Caregivers of a new child receive 16 weeks paid leave at 100% of their salary.

    • Time Together

      While we’re a globally dispersed team, we make time to come together in-person for company offsites and gatherings.

    • Equipment For Your Best Work

      Team members receive a laptop and other peripheral devices to do their best work.

    • Unlimited PTO

      We believe time off is about taking the time you need, not about a quota. Floor offers unlimited PTO and unlimited sick time.

    • Immaculate Vibes

      Alright, so this one isn’t traditional, but is a top contender amongst our team as their favorite Floor perk. We have A LOT of fun.

    Interview Process

    Our Approach

    We aim to keep our interview process simple, efficient, and enjoyable for our candidates. The interview process may differ slightly depending on the exact role you are interviewing for, but this is our general framework.

    We commit to providing reasonable accommodations upon request to our candidates to ensure you are able to put your best foot forward throughout the interview process.

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    1. Application Review
      Our team reviews applications to screen for a variety of criteria specific to the role you are applying for.
    2. Initial Interview
      An initial phone or video interview with a Recruiter to get to know you and background better.
    3. Technical Video Interviews
      A 45-minute video interview with the Hiring Manager or Team Lead for the team you are interviewing for. For certain roles, you may also be asked to complete a follow-up interview with another member of the team.
    4. Take-home Assessment
      A take-home technical assessment to assess skills relevant to the role you are applying for. For certain roles, you may not be asked to complete this step.
    5. Team Interviews
      Multiple interviews with members of the Floor team. This is a mix of interviews with members of the team you are interviewing for and interviews with cross-functional partners. These may be done in 1 day, or split up across a few, depending on preference and availability. We wrap-up our interview process with a final interview with a member of our C-team.
    6. Offer
      We extend a competitive offer to the candidate best suited for the role. Welcome to the Floor team!