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Multiple wallets.
One name. Yours

Your Floor username is the most secure way to represent multiple wallets and your identity in Web3.

Genesis claiming has started.

Claim any non-reserved username when you burn airdropped name tokens. Genesis token holders only.

Not a genesis holder? Claim your Twitter handle in the app today!

Floor Usernames

Custom usernames are
now available to claim.

Genesis holders were airdropped Floor Username Tokens to burn and claim custom usernames.

Cost Breakdown

2 characters20 tokens
3 characters10 tokens
4 characters5 tokens
5 characters2 tokens
6+ characters1 token

Not a genesis holder?

You can still claim your Twitter handle in the app today or buy Floor Username Tokens.

A safe & fun web3 identity

Verify ownership privately across wallets without risky transfers

Verify ownership privately

Follow friends and grow
your audience

Follow Friends
Show your True Self

Show your true self, no matter who you are

Art Collector
Bag Holder

Access other tools seamlessly

Access other tools seamlessly

Prioritizing your
safety and identity

Your floor handle is an off-chain account that can be privately associated with one-or-more wallets across multiple blockchains.

To help prevent impersonation and limit squatting, we’ll be bootstrapping Floor usernames from the Twitter ecosystem.

Secure your Twitter username

In phase 1, you'll be able to secure your Twitter username by proving ownership of the Twitter account.

Going into phase 2, Twitter accounts that meet all of the following criteria will remain reserved for owners:

  • Active, non-suspended accounts
  • Have more than 50,000 followers
Falling Cards

Secure Your Name

Your Floor username will be central to your experience in the app and in Web3. Claim now for the best chance at your preferred username.

Early Access

  1. Twitter username pre-registration. For two weeks, all Floor users can reserve their Twitter username for use on Floor.
    Live in-app now (go check Settings)
  2. Genesis Holder claims. In week 3, Floor Genesis token holders can claim any username that hasn’t been claimed and doesn’t meet the reserved Twitter username criteria.
    Start Genesis Claim Now
  3. Early Claim for eligible users. We’ll share more details on how to become eligible soon, but hint, inviting & onboarding friends will always be a factor.

Open Registration

After phase three, all Floor users will be able to claim any unclaimed username that doesn't meet the Twitter reservation criteria and isn't on the reserved list (companies, organizations, etc).

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